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Jordan Love said Aaron Jones was freestyling vs. Cowboys during playoff game

Packers QB Jordan Love said Aaron Jones took it upon himself to block Micah Parsons in the Packers’ playoff win over the Cowboys.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It can not be said enough how crucial running back Aaron Jones is to this Green Bay Packers offense after putting up five straight 100-yard rushing games ending the season and into the playoffs. Jones also has plenty to offer outside of running the ball and that was obvious during the team’s huge Wild Card playoff win against the Dallas Cowboys.

Outside of rushing for 118 yards and three touchdowns, Aaron Jones was seen multiple times stuffing Cowboys All-Pro pass rusher Micah Parsons at the line of scrimmage. His blocking gave quarterback Jordan Love more time to make plays, leading to a 272-yard, three-touchdown performance with a nearly perfect passer rating. The Packers dominated that game offensively and went on to beat the Cowboys 48-32.

And after Jordan Love’s interview on The Edge with Micah Parsons this week, we found out a lot of the blocking from Jones was him going off-script to make sure his QB wasn’t under pressure. When Micah Parsons asked why Jones was following him around all night, Love explained that the game plan does include players helping the offensive with disruptive players like Parsons, but a lot of what Jones was doing in play-action was improvised when he noticed the offensive line getting beat.

“He’s checking for the nickel coming off the edge and if he’s not coming he’s supposed to get out in his route,” Love explained to Parsons. “He would feel you beat one of our o-linemen and his instinct would go to chip you and help in protection.” To which Parsons noted it was “unbelievable”.

You can add “giving Micah Parsons nightmares” to the list of reasons you can expect Aaron Jones back in the green and gold next season.

You can watch Jordan Love’s full interview with Micah Parsons at Bleacher Report’s YouTube Page.