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Cheese Curds, 2/2: Packers’ GM and QB discuss 2023’s wild ride

Brian Gutekunst and Jordan Love both weighed in on the crazy season that just finished, but both are looking forward to bigger and better things in 2024.

NFL: AUG 26 Preseason - Seahawks at Packers Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Brian Gutekunst was probably more confident than most Green Bay Packers fans were two weeks ago. Apparently, with five minutes left in the Packers’ Divisional Playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers, Gutekunst thought “we were going to the Super Bowl.”

This Packers fan, for one, had seen the Packers collapse against the 49ers too many times in the postseason and had seen the Joe Barry defense fall apart at just the wrong point in games more than enough to feel comfortable about the Packers winning that game. I would venture to guess that most fans were on the edge of their seats with the Packers up by just four points with the 49ers taking over after a missed field goal.

Gutekunst’s faith in the team that he had built is admirable, but the collapse did help the head coach, Matt LaFleur, make the decision to fire Barry. Now with a new, seemingly more aggressive defensive coordinator in the building, the Packers will need to build out the defense to help put him in a position to succeed.

That starts with Gutey, whose season wrap-up press conference on Thursday addressed a wide range of topics, including that defense. But perhaps the number one focus for the offseason will be a new contract for Jordan Love, the young quarterback whose ascension over the 2023 season is the biggest reason the Packers were in the playoffs at all.

Love also spoke this week to discuss the crazy 2023 season, while looking ahead to next year, and his reflections on his first year as a starter are worth taking in as well as we head into the weekend.

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Gutey spoke about Jordan Love, all but confirming that the QB will get a new contract this offseason, and he is committed to taking the team's new defensive coordinator's thoughts into account when building out that part of the roster for 2024.

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Meanwhile, Love spoke this week as well and said that he enjoyed the ups and downs of his first season as a starter, but he never wavered in his confidence in himself.

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