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Wild Card Round: 49ers vs. Packers

Niners End Packers' Season with Last-Second FG

The Packers defense couldn't hold late in the game against Colin Kaepernick, and the 49ers were victorious in one of the coldest NFL games on record.

Packers' Sam Shields Exits Game with Leg Injury

On the 49ers first drive, cornerback Sam Shields has his left leg rolled up on by teammate Andy Mulumba.

49ers-Packers Wild Card Game Thread #1

Hey 2014 Playoffs: THE PACKERS ARE IN YOU. It's game time.

CB Carlos Rogers Inactive for 49ers

The Packers have no surprises on their injury report, while the Niners will be missing one of their starting cornerbacks.

49ers-Packers Game Primer: Odds, Game Time, & More

15 years after the Brett Favre-Steve Young playoff rivalry was at its peak, the Packers and 49ers meet for a second straight year in the playoffs to renew the franchises' mutual struggle.

Why the Underdog Role Fits the Packers Just Fine

As underdogs, the Packers find themselves in unfamiliar territory. It might be just what they need.

Why the Packers or 49ers Will Win on Sunday

APC and Niners Nation get together once again to discuss Sunday's game - in this case, why each team is capable of winning and advancing to the Divisional Round of the NFC playoffs.

Why SF Might not be Able to Out-Score the Packers

We take a look at the numbers showing why the San Francisco offense has been less effective at scoring points over the second half of the 2013 season than they were in the first half and explain how this could benefit the Packers.

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5 questions about the Packers offense with APC

As the 49ers and Packers prepare for their Wild Card weekend contest, we took a few minutes with Acme Packing Company to learn more about the Green Bay offense.

49ers vs. Packers: Under the Radar Players

Acme Packing Company and Niners Nation discuss what under the radar players might affect the outcome of 49ers vs. Packers.

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Aaron Rodgers remains dangerous

The Packers will have Aaron Rodgers back for his second straight game since his collar bone injury. Even with rust, the Packers QB remains dangerous.

Why Kaepernick Is Still the Most Dangerous 49er

The biggest single reason for the 49ers success against the Packers recently has been the play of their quarterback.

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Which Packers would you add to the 49ers?

The 49ers and Packers have a lengthy history in recent years. As we prepare for Sunday's game, who would you take from Green Bay's roster?

Clay Matthews Ruled out for 49ers vs. Packers

The Packers' best defensive player has already been ruled out for their playoff game against the 49ers.

Which 49er Would Be the Best Addition to the Pack?

In the first of our series of posts with Niners Nation, we imagine which 49er would be the best addition to the Packers' struggling defense.

49ers-Packers Set for 3:40 PM Sunday

The Packers and 49ers will play the final game of the NFL's Wild-Card weekend.

Packers to Face 49ers in Wild-Card Round

The Packers face a familiar foe in next week's wild-card round.