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APC Podcast, 10/10: Are the Packers bad?

Missed field goals, fumbles, receivers running into each other... Are the Packers bad?

The Green Bay Packers played one of the strangest games in recent memory last Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Mason Crosby has never looked worse, Aaron Rodgers lost two fumbles, and wide receivers were seen colliding into each other like a Three Stooges episode. There was some good to take out of this game but — by and large — most fans went to bed Sunday night wondering: “Are the Packers bad?”

Lucky for those fans, APC’s crack team of podcast morons are here to answer the call. Aside from answering that burning question, we also discuss:

  • Is Jimmy Graham mailing it in?
  • Why do taunting penalties even exist?
  • ...and where the bleep is Josh Jones?

All this and more ahead on today’s episode of the APC Podcast!

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