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APC Podcast, 10/17: Let’s try this again — Are the Packers bad?

It’s déjà vu as another muddled performance has us again wondering if this Packers team is any good.

Last week, we ran a twitter poll (@theAPCpod) asking for your input on a simple question: Are the Green Bay Packers bad? Well, one week has passed and after a closer-than-it-should-have-been home win over the San Francisco 49ers — complete with another instant classic Aaron Rodgers comeback drive and the storybook redemption of kicker Mason Crosby — we find ourselves treading in the same messy, opaque NFL picture. So, naturally, we took to the public again. We launched a new poll asking the same question to see which way the needle moved (if at all) after Monday Night Football.

We also hit on topics like the fluctuating defensive productivity, bringing the house on crucial blitzing downs, and the travesty that is the MNF broadcast booth. Can the APC Pod crew pull a rabbit out of our heads? Listen in and find out!

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