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The APC Podcast, 11/15: Mina Kimes on the Packers’ McCarthy era: “I think it’s over”

Guest Mina Kimes stops by to talk Packers vs. Seahawks and more.

Once per season we dial a phone number and Mina Kimes inexplicably picks up. Such was the case earlier this week when we had the privilege of chatting with the super smart ESPN writer/commentator/podcaster/Lenny guardian. A lifelong Seahawks fan, Mina gave us her take on this year’s squad, how they’re performing relative to expectations, and maybe a few tips on how to beat them. We chat at length about the (expletive) greatness of Aaron Rodgers, and his humanness, too. She helps us ponder the fascinating open question that is the Packers’ coaching situation heading into this offseason, and what the best approach may be to get the best out of the franchise’s all-world quarterback.

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