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APC Podcast, 11/20: Playing the blame game for the Packers’ 2018 season

We’re pointing fingers on this week’s podcast.

Football is complex. So, naturally, there’s a lot of blame to go around when things aren’t clicking. But that doesn’t make for a very twitter-ready conversation, does it? On this week’s show, we’ve asked our listeners which one person shoulders the most blame for the state of this year’s Green Bay Packers: Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rodgers, Brian Gutekunst, or Ted Thompson. We also touch on the “galvanizing moment” narrative, discussing how Mike McCarthy’s choice to punt the ball away at the end of last week’s frustrating loss to the Seattle Seahawks felt like a willful eschewing of a potential momentum-grabbing moment.

Oh yeah, and — funny enough — the Packers are still in the playoff conversation. We talk about that, too.

Click here to access the episode at Art19.

Quick programming note: while other pods may be taking the holiday off, we’ll have a Vikings preview episode for you sometime later this week — stay tuned!

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