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APC Podcast, 11/9: “Aaron Rodgers is a greedy quarterback”

Ben Fennell has strong words on what ails this Green Bay Packers team, including the quarterback.

Join us as we spiral further down the “what’s wrong with the Green Bay Packers” rabbit hole. We’re halfway through the NFL season, the team is below .500, and the attitude in the locker room seems less R-E-L-A-X and more ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It’s times like this that we feel fortunate to have access to people like Ben Fennell. The Athletic’s Packers film analyst joined us this week to tell the tale of the tape. We talk about defensive improvements under Mike Pettine — especially impressive given the substandard personnel at multiple position groups. We also dive into diagnosing the disjointed offense, including laying some rare blame at the feet of Aaron Rodgers — a “greedy quarterback,” according to Fennell.

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