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APC Podcast, 12/21: Packers head coach candidates with Justis Mosqueda

Justis Mosqueda has some interesting thoughts on who the next Packers head coach could or should be.

A lot has happened since Justis Mosqueda’s last podcast appearance before week one of the Green Bay Packers’ regular season. Most of the stuff that’s happened has been bad, but hey, Davante Adams got a Pro Bowl nod. Cool, right? Anyway...

Like most everybody else in Packerland, we’ve turned our eyes toward the future. Who will be the next head coach of the Green Bay Packers? Will any of the coordinators or assistants get to stay? While we on the pod have happily climbed the “find a way to keep Mike Pettine” hill, Justis offers a different perspective. He uses his vast knowledge of the NFL and NCAA football landscape to wax philosophical about who would be a good fit in Green Bay and why. Do you agree with his logic? Take a listen and feel free to comment below.

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