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APC Podcast, 12/5: Is Mark Murphy too involved in the Packers’ head coach search?

Ben Foldy wonders if the new Packers power structure taints what was once an advantage for the NFL’s only ownerless franchise.

The other shoe has dropped — but hey, it’s football.

“An utter embarrassment” is probably the most succinct way to sum up the Green Bay Packers’ home loss to the lowly Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The dust — or in this case, snow — hadn’t even settled yet before the news hit: Mike McCarthy was fired, effective immediately. The move, called for by team president Mark Murphy, made clear that McCarthy’s fate had been sealed for a while. But after such a humiliating loss, waiting until January seemed almost imprudent.

But McCarthy’s firing, coupled with the subsequent dual press conference with Murphy and GM Brian Gutekunst, has added even more speculation about how much influence Mark Murphy has on football decisions, and indeed why he has that authority at all.

Why would an ownerless team —unique in the NFL — want to create a sort of pseudo owner in Mark Murphy? Why should Murphy concern himself with both local real estate and football? These questions and more are pondered as the podcast crew looks ahead to a murky if not exciting offseason which seems to have begun at least week earlier than anyone expected at the beginning of the season.

CONTENT NOTE: This podcast was recorded and published prior to Winston Moss being fired. The joys of content in the age of the internet.

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