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APC Podcast, 10/1: Quarter-season review for the 2019 Packers

Looking back on the first quarter of the Packers season, and ahead to the next.

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Perhaps unbelievably, the Green Bay Packers regular season is already 25% over. As the team passes the quarter mark of the season with three wins and one loss, we thought it would be a the perfect time to take a look back and assess how we feel about the season so far. How has Aaron Rodgers adapted to the new scheme? Does the tape show a lack of wide receiver depth?

At the same time, we’ll also examine the next four games, reasoning through the likeliest outcome for the Packers, as well as the rest of the teams in a competitive NFC North division.

What’s your grade after four games? And how do you think the Packers will fare against the Cowboys, Lions, Raiders, and Chiefs? 4-0? 2-2? What will the division look like once the season reaches the halfway mark?

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