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APC Podcast, 10/16: Yes, the Packers would have won without the penalty

We recap the win over Detroit and make the case for the late penalty against the Lions ultimately not mattering

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Green Bay Packers fans know that any attempts to spin a narrative of Green Bay being NFL darlings who are always on the receiving end of beneficial penalties is just hogwash. Packers fans remember 2009. Packers fans remember 2012. Packers fans remember last year’s dubious roughing call on Clay Matthews at the end of the Vikings game. Hell, Packers fans remember two weeks ago against the Philadelphia Eagles! We are not fooled. And as Aaron Rodgers said of the officiating after the game, “I think it equals out pretty good over the years.”

With that as our backdrop, we recap the Packers’ dramatic 23-22 victory over the Detroit Lions at Lambeau on Monday Night Football, including making the case that the late ‘illegal hands to the face’ penalty was not as impactful as Lions fans would have you believe.

We also dig into the listener mailbag to answer your questions about your now 5-1 Green Bay Packers.

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