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APC Podcast, 10/23: Has the absence of Davante Adams helped the offense grow?

In our game recap, we wonder whether overcoming the temporary absence of their star receiver will help this Packers team in the long run.

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This past Sunday’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders was truly a clinic on how to dismantle a bad defense through the air. By at least one metric, Aaron Rodgers was perfect. He amassed 429 passing yards (going 25/31), threw 5 (five!) TD’s and scampered for a score on his way to his first ever perfect passer rating of 158.3. He connected with eight different players, including 2 running backs and a fullback — and none of them were named Davante Adams.

Which brings us to our question: despite the fact that Davante Adams is elite and this team will undoubtedly be much, much better when he returns from a turf toe injury, is there an argument to be made for this Adams-less stretch being good for this offense? It’s a new scheme for Aaron Rodgers, who is being asked to go back to basics in terms of trusting the first or second read. As well, a cadre of young receivers has now been given ample opportunity to build timing and trust with the quarterback.

Both ends of this equation falling into place should breed in fans a ton of optimism for this offense going forward, but would it have been less possible — or at least taken much longer for things to come together — if Rodgers’ security blanket were on the field? This and other listener questions are all ahead on this week’s podcast. Enjoy!

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