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APC Podcast, 11/19: Packers playoff picture — what to watch for in the final stretch

Tex Western joins the podcast to help ponder the Packers playoff positioning.

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Like the Green Bay Packers, the podcast crew took the bye weekend to sit back, have some scotch, maybe some borscht, and reflect on the season so far. But now we’re rested and ready for the home stretch of the season!

This week, our own fearless leader Tex Western stopped by to pinch hit for Ben. With whiskey in hand and donning an Acme Packing Company shirt (#branding), he made his case for an even higher workload for Aaron Jones, as well as previewing an ongoing series on the blog called the Packers Fan Rooting Guide. What outcomes should we be rooting for down the stretch to most benefit the Packers playoff picture? Tex breaks it all down!

As we do every week, we also dip into the listener mailbag to answer your burning questions before looking ahead to this weekend’s primetime showdown between the Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers. Dig in, baby!

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