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APC Podcast, 11/6: The Packers need to look in the mirror after shocking loss

To rebound from a terrible loss in LA, the Packers need look no further than their own reflection in the mirror.

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The Green Bay Packers were just served a nice warm “slice of humble pie.”

That was quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ main takeaway after a 26-11 road loss to the LA Chargers. A game that was close-ish for most of the afternoon finally slipped away in the second half as the defense could no longer hold and wait for the offense to do something — anything — to produce points. It was a wire to wire slop-fest.

So what went wrong? The offense looked out of synch all day. The defense played their usual bend-but-sometimes-break strategy. But to hear Aaron Rodgers tell it in his post-game interview, the team clearly lacked focus, and they ought to spend some time this week looking in the mirror and being honest about why they didn’t bring their ‘A’ game.

With that, the podcast crew assembles to reflect on a stinker of a loss, as they help each other (and you) sweep the whole forgettable affair under the rug. After all, with the Panthers up next, there’s no time to dawdle.

What do you think happened on Sunday? And are you worried at all about the Packers overcoming this adversity going forward? Let us know in the comments!

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