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APC Podcast, 12/10: We just learned ______ about the Packers

After 13 games — and most recently a win over Washington — what have you learned about this Packers team?

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Another week, another Green Bay Packers victory. So why doesn’t it feel so good?

Indeed, despite the Packers now being 10-3 and — for the moment — owning the #2 seed in the NFC playoff race, the win over Washington has again left many Green Bay Packers fans with more questions than answers.

  • Why does the offense continue to start hot and then run cold?
  • Is Aaron Rodgers playing within the system?
  • Is the defense actually good?
  • Why can’t they seem to truly put away even bad teams until the 4th quarter?

While we want to step back and take the positive long view (great record, control their own destiny), these questions are still fair to ask.

After another uninspiring yet winning performance, what do you think you can say with certainty about this Packers team?

Listen here!

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