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APC Podcast 12/31: Breaking down Aaron Rodgers’ “bad day” as Packers clinch a bye

When it comes to assigning blame in the NFL, the truth is complicated.

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The Green Bay Packers swept the Detroit Lions this year while leading for exactly 0 seconds of either game. Add to that bizarre note Aaron Rodgers’ stat line on Sunday (27/55, 2 TD’s, 1 INT, 72.0 passer rating) and you’ve got a pretty good encapsulation of this topsy turvy 13-3 season. For every laser Rodgers fired in Detroit, he seemed to misfire 2 or 3 deep balls. The trend was so noticeable that it became hard to breathe under the pile mounting on twitter during the game. “Rodgers has lost it.” “They’ve won in spite of him.” “It’s mock draft season.”

I think we can all admit to some emotional turbulence throughout Sunday’s season-ending victory. But to lay all the blame at Rodgers’ feet misses the complicated, unsexy truth of how an NFL offense functions (or doesn't function). Sorry pundit class — the truth is complicated. And so, on today’s episode, we discuss just that and much more!

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