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The APC Podcast, 3/13: Packers free agency feeding frenzy

Tex Western joins to help us digest the flurry of free agency activity in Green Bay

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As of this podcast recording, free agency hadn’t even begun (for those playing at home, it officially starts Wednesday at 4PM ET). But to those certain Packers fans who take to Twitter every March to bemoan their team’s typically torpid approach to free agency, GM Brian Gutekunst had three words:

“Hold my beer.”

As podcast guest and APC managing editor Tex Western puts it in this episode, this really was a day unlike anything we’ve ever seen as Packers fans. First there was the introduction of the Smiths. No, not the jangly, Morrissey-led band from Manchester, but rather new Packers pass rushers Preston Smith and Za’Darius Smith. Then came the news of help at safety, with Gute adding former Bears defender Adrian Amos to the team. Finally, the Packers reached agreement with Billy Turner, an OL with tackle and guard experience in Miami, Baltimore, and Denver.

After a long day at the office, Gute surely cracked his knuckles, cracked a beer, and kicked back, leaving us fans to wonder exasperatedly, “what the hell just happened?”

So join in as we recap all the action, talking both team fit and finances as we anticipate a talent injection heading into the 2019 season.

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