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The APC Podcast, 3/29: Remembering Clay, Cobb, and Jordy

Clay Matthews, Randall Cobb, and Jordy Nelson all left indelible marks in the minds of Packers fans

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It’s no secret: the winds of change have picked up speed in Green Bay over the last year. As fans, we can rationalize away the departing of stalwart Packers and the ending of a certain era — but we don’t do so without feelings, man.

In this episode, we discuss the news of Clay Matthew’s and Randall Cobb’s departure to the LA Rams and Dallas Cowboys respectively. We also bid a fond farewell to former Packers receiver Jordy Nelson, who recently announced his official retirement from the NFL. In all cases, we wrestle with feelings and talk about some of our favorite memories of these players, from Randall Cobb’s 108-yard kickoff return for a touchdown in his rookie debut, to Jordy Nelson teaching Greg Jennings how to artificially inseminate a cow. Who doesn’t love a little trip down memory lane? Here’s to feelin’ good all the time.

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