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The APC Podcast 4/12: Discussing the merits of ‘The Article’

What — if any — new and provable information was laid out in last week’s Bleacher Report epic?

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It’s April. If you’re a year-round NFL fan — someone who soaks up content like a sponge — you know what April means. It’s the sweet spot between the end of last year’s football season and the official start of offseason team activities during which all manner of tropes and tit for tats are trotted out in the form of grabby headlines, twitter beefs and profile pieces. Here on the pod, we affectionately refer to this period as the Game of Groans.

This year, Packers fans were treated to — or cursed with — the grabbiest of the grabby in the form of Tyler Dunne’s extensive piece for Bleacher Report entitled “What Happened in Green Bay?” As the title suggests, ‘the Article’ attempts to explain what went wrong between now former head coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers, quoting sources who concur that the team should have won more Super Bowls during their time together. In April, this latter narrative is like catnip for cheeseheads.

In a rare moment of engagement, the quarterback made a lengthy point-for-point rebuttal during an interview with Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher for ESPN Wisconsin. Mike McCarthy and team president Mark Murphy have also refuted many of the article’s claims.

It’s enough to make your head spin. Luckily, the pod crew is here to reason through the Article, the rebuttal, and the fallout. Strap in – this is a fun one!

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