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APC Podcast, 7/24: Saying farewell to Mike Daniels

Discussing the release of Mike Daniels, and a few other training camp stories.

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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

-Mike McCarthy, probably

With Dean Lowry signing a contract extension, it seemed almost a fait accompli that there would be a corresponding counter move for the Packers. Enter, Brian Gutekunst — a man who has demonstrated early and often that he’s willing to take risks and make tough calls. The most recent tough call is of course the release of beloved fan-favorite Mike Daniels. The 30-year-old defender was in the final year of his contract, coming off an injury, and word was that the Packers had failed to find a trade partner for him over the summer. While it seems like a very Wolf/Thompson/Ball move to part with an aging player a year early rather than a year late, that does little to quell the sting felt by the many Packers fans who counted Daniels among their favorite players.

With this big news, and with the eve of training camp now upon us, we thought this was the appropriate time to rise up from our offseason slumber, grab our microphones, and press record. It feels good to be back in the podcasting saddle, even under these circumstances. We hope you enjoy!

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