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The APC Podcast, 9/1: Special Roster Cut Coverage — who’s out & who’s in?

There were a few surprises as the Packers solidified their 53-man roster this weekend.

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With the official NFL deadline for roster cuts passing Saturday afternoon, and the waiver period going by rather uneventfully (the Packers weren’t awarded any players), Green Bay has essentially cemented its 53-man roster. At podcast HQ, we couldn’t wait until our usual weekday recording to get some takes in, so we assembled for a special weekend mini-pod. We go position-by-position, filling you in on everyone who made the team, and what our relative comfort level is with each group.

Does DeShone Kizer’s release mean the Packers “lost” that trade with Cleveland?

Is the inside linebacker depth pool too shallow?

Is JK Scott old enough to buy beer yet?

All this and more on this special APC Pod weekender!

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