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The APC Podcast, 9/5: Reading the Tarot cards for the Packers’ 2019 season

The Pod’s annual tradition is back with a look at what the cards show in store for Matt LaFleur and the Packers this year.

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It’s finally here!

It wouldn’t be the start of football season without one of the best traditions at Acme Packing Company — the annual Tarot card reading of the Green Bay Packers’ upcoming season. Jamie Ross, the official APC Podcast Diviner, is back to join Ben and Zach as he previews 2019 in Green Bay.

With the season opener coming in just a few hours, carve out some time on your lunch break or commute home from work to listen in and see what’s in the cards for the Packers. Jamie addresses everything from new personality dynamics, potential injuries to watch out for, big things from year two players, and much more!

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