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APC Podcast, 1/17: Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports previews NFC Championship

We get a boots-on-the-ground report from Jennifer Lee Chan, who covers the Bay Area for NBC Sports.

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Have you let it sink in yet? Are you marinating in it? Your Green Bay Packers are just one win away from punching their ticket to the Super Bowl.

Though, you could be forgiven for not marinating in it — or perhaps feeling a bit anxious — because when the Packers last played the San Francisco 49ers in week 12, it didn’t go well.

But before getting too deep in our own heads, we thought it would be prudent to get a pulse check from someone who has boots on the ground in San Francisco (or in Santa Clara, as it were). On today’s show, we’re joined by SB Nation alum Jennifer Lee Chan who now covers the Niners for NBC Sports in the Bay Area. After waxing nostalgic about her grandfather’s season tickets and her brief stint as a pro wrestler, we dove into this Sunday’s matchup.

  • What’s the vibe in the 49ers locker room?
  • Assessing Jimmy Garoppolo’s first full season as a starter
  • Which team has improved more since their last meeting?
  • Injury updates — what (and who) can we expect to see on the field?

It’s all ahead on today’s episode of the APC Podcast.

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