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APC Podcast, 10/21: Anomaly or omen — how worried are you about the Packers?

As a fan, was your bubble burst when the Packers lost to the Buccaneers, or are you keeping the faith?

Mere days after we referred to Packers at Buccaneers as a “measuring stick game” on our airwaves, we’re ready to reverse course and say that it’s unclear how meaningful this game was for either team. Indeed, even the oddsmakers seemed to favor a decently high-scoring but close game. Instead, what we got was a cascade of sloppy play and poor game management from the Packers, leading to a 38-10 drubbing.

There seems no further proof of randomness needed than Aaron Rodgers’ inexplicable pair of interceptions. The first, a pick six, was just the third such play of Rodgers’ entire career. The second interception made this just the 16th time in Rodgers’ career that he’s thrown multiple picks in a game. In his post game remarks, the quarterback went so far as to declare this game “an anomaly.”

The Packers do have an opportunity to right the ship this week against an extremely vulnerable Texans defense, and won’t face another defense as formidable as Tampa Bay’s for quite some time. For our part, our Alex Petakas takes Rodgers at his word, and expects a bounce back game on Sunday.

What do you think? Was this game an anomaly or an omen of stinkers to come?

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