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APC Podcast, 3/18: Packers free agency updates for the socially distanced

Self quarantined and slightly stir crazy, Zach and Alex try to lighten the mood with some Packers free agency chatter.

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Last year, our humble podcast went from three jokers sitting around a Manhattan conference table to three jokers spread across the country recording from home. This has positioned us well to keep yapping about football and publishing the evidence even during these uncertain times. We hope that today’s show (and however many more are necessary) provide you with some entertainment value as you hunker down to take care of yourself and your family.

As people are staying home and sports leagues are shuttering operations for the time being, the NFL bestowed upon us fans the gift of an absolutely bonkers opening to NFL free agency. And per usual, news and signings were coming to light well before the official start of it all — which, by the way, isn’t until this afternoon.

Still, thanks to the tireless wheeling and dealing of agents, teams, and players, the landscape in the NFL has shifted significantly in the past few days. Phillip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater, Tom Brady. TOM. BRADY.

Less significant to non-cheeseheads is the changing of the guard in Green Bay — or should I say changing of the tackle? (Not sorry.) As the Packers let long-time tackle Bryan Bulaga go and sign veteran tackle Rick Wagner, the team also waved goodbye Blake Martinez and Kyler Fackrell, bringing aboard newcomer Christian Kirksey, a linebacker with a lot of familiarity with the Mike Pettine system.

How do you feel the Packers have handled their roster thus far in free agency? Are you excited? Disappointed? Is there anyone you were hoping they’d nab, but who they ultimately missed out on? Hit us up in the comments below and let us know what you think!

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