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APC Pod, 4/15: Draft preview — Tex’s top wide receiver fits for the Packers

Need a shortlist of wide receivers to know heading into the Packers’ 2020 draft? Tex has you covered.

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We’ve all heard the term “these uncertain times” more times than we care to count in the last few weeks. That uncertainty has now spread to the NFL Draft, where a once highly choreographed song and dance (often literal songs and dances during the week leading up to the draft) is set to be replaced by a fully remote, fully virtual draft. So new uncertainties include questions like “how nice is Rodger Goodell’s basement on a scale from ‘really nice’ to ‘suspiciously nice,’” and, “does Dave Gettleman actually own a computer, or will he just be screaming at a cardboard box sitting atop a mess of papers strewn about his desk?”

One thing that is not uncertain, however: the Green Bay Packers need wide receiver help. So on today’s podcast, we’ve called upon Tex Western to give us a short list of receivers he thinks could be available for the Packers in either round 1 or 2, and who he thinks fit the mold of the kind of player they could look to add. You’ll have to listen in to get Tex’s nuggets, but here’s a quick glance at Tex’s top names to know (in no particular order):

Jalen Reagor (TCU)

Brandon Aiyuk (AZ State)

Michael Pittman Jr. (USC)

Antonio Gibson (Memphis)

Have thoughts on these guys, or have names you’d like to add to the conversation? Hit the comments section below and let us know!

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