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APC Podcast, 4/27: Recombobulating after the Packers’ strange draft

As the dust settles, the guys try to make sense of the Packers’ 2020 draft.

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The dust is settling. We’ve gotten some sleep. The coach and GM have each taken their turn in the spin room, justifying the draft and trying to set an optimistic tone. But after the Packers failed to address wide receiver — and seemingly run defense, as well — do we take them at their word?

In short, do we feel any differently on Monday than we did over the weekend when emotions were high?

For the podcast crew, it would seem the answer is no. While Gutekunst and LaFleur have made their vision more clear, questions remain around draft strategy and value, as well as a debate about what this team needs to truly take a step forward next season. The truest (and most annoying) answer is that we can’t judge this draft for a number of years. But still, the failing grades from the instant-reaction pundits do sting.

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