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APC Podcast, 7/23: Playing the waiting game

After a pandemic pause, the podcast is back just in time to talk about all the nothing happening in the NFL.

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These are strange times, and we at The APC Podcast — like many of you — have spent our summer quietly anticipating the return of football. But what would normally be a period of optimism, forecasting, and rookie watching as training camps typically begin in late July, has only brought us more waiting. The NFL and the NFLPA are making progress, but they’re still ironing out many of the details of what football mid-pandemic is going to look like.

Meanwhile, the podcast crew figured it was time to do our part, to shake off the rust and fire up the microphones. And while we don’t yet have much more to discuss besides the NFL seeming to squander the past few months of preparation and planning time, it does feel good to be back. Today’s show ushers in the return of weekly pods, and we promise that there will be plenty of actual Green Bay Packers substance to banter about in the coming weeks, but for now, thanks to ~gestures wildly at everything~, we present to you, the show about nothing.

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