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APC Podcast, 8/27: What’s in Aaron Rodgers’ 2010 secret sauce?

The Green Bay Packers quarterback hinted at discovering something in his 2010 film that could improve his play, though he declined to get more specific than that.

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Note: Today’s episode was recorded last night (8/26/20 at about 8:30pm EST). While we did touch on the Milwaukee Bucks’ walkout, we didn’t find out about the postponement of today’s Packers practice until later.

On September 5th, the Green Bay Packers will trim their roster down to the requisite 53 players, and about a week later will open the season on the road against the Vikings. Football is — somehow — right around the corner.

As training camp plods on, Evan “Tex” Western joins today’s podcast to hit on some developing training camp storylines including:

  • Aaron Rodgers “discovers” something in his 2010 film.
  • With Rick Wagner sidelined, the right side of the offensive line could be leaving him behind
  • Linebacker Kamal Martin is making a splash at camp
  • Josh Jackson finds a role in year 3
  • Can the Smiths, Kenny Clark (doo doo doodoodoodoo), Rashan Gary and company actually improve upon last year’s pass rushing successes?

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