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APC Podcast, 9/11: Vikings-Packers preview with Arif Hasan

The Athletic’s Arif Hasan brings Packers fans up to speed on the 2020 Minnesota Vikings.

The season is here.

I’ll just let that sentence hang out up there alone. It’s — sniffle — beautiful.

This Sunday the Green Bay Packers kick off their 2020 season on the road against the Minnesota Vikings, and, in kind, the podcast is kicking off its regular season programming, as well. This includes a second weekly episode with a guest to preview the upcoming game.

On today’s episode, we’re joined by Arif Hasan, who covers the Vikings for the Athletic. We’ll get his pulse check on a few things ahead of Sunday’s game, including:

  • The Yannick Ngakoue acquisition — a big deal, right?
  • How a truncated offseason impacts UDFA’s and other bubble players in Minnesota
  • How did the Vikings address replacing Stefon Diggs?
  • Who is Arif’s ‘Guy’ on the Vikings (see Wednesday’s show for reference)
  • The Packers swept the Vikings last year. Has anything really changed?

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