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APC Podcast, 9/2: A weird NFL season is right around the corner

With an actual set roster and actual football mere days away, the guys take one last lap around the “it’s gonna be a weird season” track.

The phrase “football is right around the corner” feels a bit overplayed at this point, but it’s truer today than it was yesterday. And still, it almost feels surreal that we’ll get the privilege of watching meaningful Green Bay Packers football in just 11 days.

So, with pending action and pent up enthusiasm as a backdrop, Zach and Alex indulge in one last headspace-clearing session before turning to the takes, tropes, and analysis that will come with the regular season. Discussed on today’s show:

Did you miss the preseason? If no, will you feel differently watching a potentially sloppy week 1 product across the league?

Will a crowd-less Lambeau field impact the Packers? And is it an unfair advantage for some stadiums to have fans while others will not?

And with the strange nature of 2020, will this season even feel real?

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