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APC Podcast, 9/9: Finding your unsung guy to root for after Packers roster cuts

A helpful guide on finding your unsung “guy” on this year’s Green Bay Packers roster.

Roster cut weekend has come and gone. The Green Bay Packers now have their 53 and are readying themselves for the season opener against the Minnesota Vikings. But now that the team is (mostly) set in stone, we thought it’d be fun to try and identify our “guys.”

You see, a preseason-less August and limited media in training camp left us feeling a bit lacking in terms of falling for an unsung player and rooting for them to latch on and succeed. So on today’s episode, we outline some rules for identifying a guy. They include:

  • Must be UDFA or day 3 draftee
  • No more than 2 years with the club including practice squad
  • Bonus points for smaller school
  • Huge bonus points for a player changing position

An important note here is once you identify your guy, they’re your guy forever — but new guys should fit the above criteria. For example, Robert Tonyan has been one of Zach’s guys for a while now, but Tonyan has aged out of eligibility in terms of being newly minted as someone’s guy. Make sense?

We realize this is all a bit Seinfeldian, but hey... let’s just try to have fun where we can.

So who’s your guy? Let us know in the comments below!

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