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APC Podcast: How the Packers will beat the Brady bunch

Paul Noonan helps plot the blueprint for how the Packers can beat the Buccaneers in this weekend’s NFC Championship game.

After taking one last look at the Green Bay Packers’ win over the Rams, Zach and Alex welcome Paul Noonan to the podcast to help preview the upcoming NFC Championship Game.

It’s the Battle of the Bays part two — elimination style. This time, the Buccaneers must traipse up to chilly Green Bay, Wisconsin, where a possible rain/snow mix could set a much different tone than the team's previous matchup, a near-90-degree Florida sweat fest back in October.

Weather aside, what else has changed since then? You’ll remember that the Packers suffered their worst loss of the season to the Bucs (38-10). Tampa Bay’s athletic inside linebackers took away the outside zone run game, while their secondary played lock-tight double-team coverage on Davante Adams. It was a rough day at the office for Aaron Rodgers, who threw no touchdowns and two interceptions, one for a defensive score.

Lucky for us, the ever-pragmatic Paul Noonan has drafted a blueprint for the Packers to beat the Buccaneers this time around, and he sees cause for reasonable optimism. Not the kind of optimism you’d bet money on, but the kind that will help you get through your workweek without long stretches of existential dread — though maybe you experience that for other reasons. Take a listen and see if you agree. Let us know in the comments below how you think the Packers can adjust this time around to come out on top.

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