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APC Podcast: Owning our incorrect predictions about the 2020 Packers

Zach and Alex reflect on a special season and own up to some preseason predictions that they got very, very wrong.

Admit it.

Not many of you expected this year’s Green Bay Packers to match their 2019 record and eclipse almost every other statistical measure. And if you did, we’d like to see the receipts.

The fact is, this has been a truly special season. Aaron Rodgers’ vintage performance was special. Davante Adams’ dominance was special. The accomplishments of an offensive line that many thought would take a step back this year were — you guessed it — special. And now we get a bye week to kick back, reflect, and watch less accomplished teams skirmish on Wildcard weekend.

But with pleasant surprises comes owning mistakes, and there were a lot of preseason predictions that we were flatly wrong about. Mmm, crow. Listen to the show via the audio player at the top of this post, and feel free to comment below with predictions you were wrong (or right!) about.

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