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UnPack Podcast: Aaron Rodgers, the poet

Zach, Alex, and Ben are back to discuss the headlines and hilarity from Sunday’s 24-14 Packers victory over the Bears

On Sunday, the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers met at Soldier Field to vote on the team’s ownership. The verdict is: Aaron Rodgers still owns the Bears — and he made sure to make that abundantly clear to the sea of double birds flicked his way.

On today’s UnPack Podcast, Zach, Alex, and Ben talk about:

  • Aaron Rodgers: a poet and he didn’t even know it
  • Jones and Dillon continue to impress
  • What’s wrong with the Packers’ red zone defense?
  • Kenny Clark: good at football
  • EQ was stone cold robbed
  • Marcedes Lewis: super-secret weapon
  • Why do the cringiest NFL personalities have to be former Wisconsin Badgers?

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