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UnPack Pod: Is Mason Crosby over the hill?

On this truncated holiday-week podcast, Zach and Alex discuss what Aaron Rodgers and Mason Crosby now have in common: a bum foot.

Mason Crosby and Aaron Rodgers have a lot in common, and now we can officially add one more commonality to the list: they both have something wrong with their feet. For Rodgers, we know roughly what’s wrong. It’s probably a bone-related, worse-than-turf-toe type thing that will cause him pain for the rest of the season.

For Crosby, though, the diagnosis is trickier. It’s not so much that his foot is injured per se, it’s just that his foot seems to have lost its ability to kick a football with any kind of consistency. Whether it’s the kicker, the holder, the elements, or the coordinator, Crosby has missed out on a total of 25 potential points this year, and he again missed a field goal last Sunday – a game the Packers lost to the Vikings by (drumroll, please) three points.

On today’s podcast, Zach and Alex debrief after Sunday’s loss and ponder the future of Green Bay’s suddenly iffy boot. Have the wheels finally come off the truck for Mason Crosby? Is it time for a new kicker in title town?

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