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UnPack Pod: Bye week Packers trivia showdown!

For the bye week, we’re switching things up as Tex, Ben, and Alex go head to head to head in an 8-question Packers trivia showdown.

With no Packers game to break down from last Sunday, and a relatively unexciting division contest to look forward to this weekend, the bye week presented the UnPack Pod with an opportunity to break from our usual format. On today’s show, Tex, Alex, and Ben compete for the title of UnPack Pod Bye Week Packers Trivia champion. Say that ten times fast.

The game has been written and curated by trivia guru Matt Dougherty, who hosts the Benchwarmers Trivia Podcast (available everywhere podcasts are found). We send our sincere thanks to Matt for the work he put into making the game fun and interesting, a skill that doesn’t go unappreciated by other trivia buffs. Thanks, Matt!

Play along and see if you can answer questions faster than our contestants.

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