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APC Podcast: The salary cap is real, it’s just made of play dough

Zach, Alex, and Ben regroup after the first week of free agency to assess moves made so far by the Packers.

This year, it feels like the battle between the “how does this move affect the cap” contingent and the “salary cap doesn’t matter” brigade has been on full public display. At least on Twitter, where this podcaster spends admittedly far too much time.

As ever, the truth appears to be somewhere in the middle. The cap is real. It exists. Teams must obey it. But the sheer number of moves, mechanisms, and maneuvers that front offices have at their disposal to manipulate the cap makes it quite a malleable thing. Translation: It’s Russ Ball season, baby!

A week into free agency, I gathered the guys to shake off the pandemic podcast rust, get on our cleanest Zoom shirts, and review all the moves made (and not made) so far in free agency by the Green Bay Packers. In no particular order, we hit on:

  • Aaron Jones: Let’s just enjoy watching him play
  • Jamaal Williams: So long fren.
  • Corey Linsley: Losing him makes the team worse but Green Bay’s OL track record instills confidence
  • Kevin King: Wait though. Like, why?
  • Marcedes Lewis: Expensive gesture to appease Aaron Rodgers?
  • Joe Fortunato: Just wanted an excuse to say “Fortunato” into a microphone.

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