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The APC Podcast’s guide to casual Packers draft observance

Tex and Justis help get us ready for the 2021 NFL Draft.

When it comes to the NFL Draft, it’s always been the official stance of the APC Podcast that we wait until we know who the Green Bay Packers drafted before really diving into player research. No shade to the throngs of fans who love pre-draft content, we just know our strengths. Since those strengths do not include college scouting or draft strategy, we once again lean on the smarts of others to help us, and you, get our heads around a reasonable amount of information heading into the draft.

On today’s show, we’re joined by APC’s managing editor Tex Western. We also welcome the smarter-than-us, not-sure-why-he-still-returns-our-DMs football whiz, Justis Mosqueda. Our approach to the conversation is simple:

  • What do we know about Brian Gutekunst's draft-day tendencies (both as a selector of players and as a trader of picks)
  • What do we view as the top positional needs for the Packers?

Based on answers to both of those questions, who are a few players we think might interest the Packers, but also interest us as well?

Let’s dig in!

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