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APC Podcast: Mom and Dad are fighting — Aaron Rodgers’ rift with the Packers widens

Zach, Tex, and Ben debrief after Aaron Rodgers overshadowed day one of the NFL draft with news of his unhappiness with the team.

It could have been a draft opening day like any other. I fully expected to sit through an entirely uneventful evening waiting for the Packers to hit the clock at #29 — either to inevitably draft another defensive player or to trade back. But it turned out that “uneventful” was not in the cards.

First came a bombshell report that Aaron Rodgers did not want to return to Green Bay this coming season, which was then followed by an avalanche of reports of trade rumors, most of them fabricated or at least embellished.

The dust subsided as the Packers ultimately selected cornerback Eric Stokes, and GM Brian Gutekunst hit the podium for his post-round-one press conference (during which he both flatly debunked any trade rumors and essentially apologized for the way the Jordan Love pick went down vis a vis communication with the star quarterback currently under center).

Nevertheless, we fans are now left with the aching, undeniable reality that mom and dad are fighting, there’s no way it ends well, and we’re close to the end of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay. As fans, we take this all personally — so let’s get personal! Tex and Ben join me on a special morning edition of the show to talk about our feelings. So many feelings.