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APC Podcast: Winners and losers - Aaron Rodgers vs. the Green Bay Packers

Some say win-win. Some say Aaron Rodgers got “fleeced.” What say you?

After months of clenched cheeks and wildly wavering opinions on Aaron Rodgers the person, both person and player reported for training camp earlier this week as scheduled. So as we r-e-l-a-x our once tense muscles, and as the dust settles post-Rodgers v Packers, we do what sports talk types do: argue over winners and losers.

Click the audio player at the top of the page to listen in on the discussion.

As of recording, here’s what we believe to be true:

  • Packers will void Rodgers’ 2023 contract year
  • Packers agree to let Rodgers hit free agency, should he play out his contract without an extension. (So no franchise tag)
  • Packers agree to re-evaluate Rodgers’ status with the team next offseason.
  • Money is moved around to create badly needed cap room for 2021 and an agreeable payout for the player.
  • Rodgers gets Randall Cobb (wow, wait, really?)

So who do you think “won” this deal? Personally, the pod crew is just glad we’re closer to watching actual football.

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