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APC Podcast: Missing Jamaal Williams (and other early training camp learnings)

Have we learned anything in the first week or so of Green Bay Packers training camp?

We’re about a week into Packers training camp and while we could spend our energy breaking down snap counts and analyzing grainy cell phone photos taken from a distance, that’s not really our style here at the podcast. So on today’s show, we’re taking a more broad sweeping approach to “what have we learned so far.”

  • We learned a lot more about what Aaron Rodgers’ gripes are. You might be tired of talking about this, but pretending that his recent tell-all press conference wasn’t important is just not honest. We don’t dwell on this too much. Promise.
  • We learned that we already miss Jamaal Williams’ personality. Moving on made sense, but it’s tough to see him wearing blue and being his usual lighthearted self over there across the lake.
  • We learned that according to Aaron Rodgers, Julius Peppers wanted to end his career in Green Bay on a $3M/yr deal but wasn’t offered anything. We’re not huge fans of relitigating the past, but learning this did not feel good.
  • We learned that although he took a pay cut, Preston Smith insists his drop in production is due to a change in how he was deployed. Whether or not we totally buy that is a different story.

Has any news or storyline from the past week illuminated something for you? What have you learned in the past week of Packers training camp?

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