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The UnPack Pod, 9/15: A swift kick in the curds

With every team in the NFC North losing, let’s just pretend whatever that was on Sunday never happened.

There is talk that a football game between the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints occurred on Sunday. Some even say the Saints won 38-3. Legend has it the Packers were outcoached and outplayed in every phase. But we wouldn’t know, because we’d rather pretend it didn’t happen.

Lucky for us, every other team in the NFC North also lost, so it looks like your Green Bay Packers are tied for the division lead as they head into their week two MNF matchup against the Detroit Lions.

In all seriousness, this pod is about dumbfounded shock and picking up the pieces after a stunning week one loss. What are we to make of it all? Something? Nothing? Are we already passing judgment on Joe Barry? Is Za’darius Smith a malcontent? When can we give Amazon our money for a better Sunday Ticket experience?

Tune in, zone out, and hopefully cheer up. Football is back, baby!

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