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UnPack Pod, Week 1: drafting our favorite underdog players

It’s the official Guy Draft, where we adopt unheralded underdog Packers players to root for.

NOTE: With the official broadening of the APC podcast feed to include lots more awesome Green Bay Packers content for you, the show formerly called The APC Podcast will now be called the UnPack Podcast. New name, same weird aftertaste.

It’s finally here: the long-awaited 2021 Guy Draft. On today’s episode, Zach, Ben, Alex, and Tex discuss which unheralded, underdog Packers players they’d like to adopt as their own Guys to root for. The parameters are simple: Your Guy must be a day-three draft pick (round 4-7) or undrafted, and they must be either a first or second-year player. There are some exceptions to these rules. For example, the committee (consisting of Zach and Tex each one whiskey in) decided that because Krys Barnes played 13 games last year (many of them starts), he’s considered a known commodity and is not Guy eligible. There’s wiggle room, but the point is, find a random young player or two you’d like to root for and watch (hopefully) blossom into an impactful Green Bay Packer.

Who would you like to adopt as your Guy?

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