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Unpack Podcast: Who are the Packers biggest playoff competition?

As the Packers already locked up the one seed, we look ahead to the playoffs.

Things couldn’t have gone better for the Packers last Sunday. They took a wounded Vikings team out back, stomping them 37-10, and the Arizona Cardinals did their part by knocking off the surging Dallas Cowboys. Dominating the Minnesota Vikings and locking up the NFC’s top playoff seed all before the last week of the season even begins? We’ll take that.

On today’s episode, we turn our eyes forward to the playoffs. With one inconsequential game to go in Detroit, should the Packers be resting their star starters? Are any of the litany of big names who’ve been out with injuries ready to come back? And if so, should they rest next week or get warm-up action against the Lions?

Once the playoffs do officially commence (complete with a handy dandy bye week for Green Bay), which NFC team actually provides the biggest challenge to the Packers? The top of the class in the conference feels a bit muddy.

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