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UnPack Pod: Luckily for the Packers, most of the NFC sucks

As long as the rest of the conference struggles, playoff hopes remain alive.

Nothing to see here — just a fanbase totally cannibalizing itself on social media.

Quick trigger warning: we do talk a lot on this episode about wanting quarterback Aaron Rodgers to accept a little blame for some of his poor play. We recorded this episode on Tuesday night. Had we recorded on Wednesday as we usually do, perhaps we would have chosen not to add more blather to the cacophony of Rodgers takes. But you go to war with the army you have.

The real crux of today’s episode, which we do eventually get to (we promise), is that a quick look around the NFC is enough to keep playoff hopes alive for the Green Bay Packers. Outside of the NFC East, the conference is more or less a quagmire of mediocre football teams (at least for now). So chin up, everybody. Other teams are ALSO underperforming!

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