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UnPack Podcast: Aaron Rodgers is still great...when he wants to be

We are once again asking Aaron Rodgers to run the dang offense.

It’s often said that Packers fans are spoiled by the privilege of watching consistently competitive football. Well, today we throw another log on that fire as we gripe and grumble our way through an analysis of a game the Packers ultimately did end up winning.

Yes, it was another Sunday where the Packers nearly met their kryptonite: an unscouted third-string quarterback with a silly name — in this case, Bailey Zappe. But talk quickly turns to Green Bay’s own signal-caller, Aaron Rodgers, and the frustrating realization that it feels like he’s still great... when he wants to be. We all knew (and he acknowledged) that this season was going to be a little different, and that the offense would evolve throughout the year, but we can’t help but notice the fits and starts of Rodgers’ play as he seems to waffle between doing his own thing and actually running the offense as it was designed.

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