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UnPack Podcast: The Packers were once again on the wrong side of history

The Eagles hadn’t managed a rushing performance like that since Humphrey Bogart was starring in movies.

On a positive note, Sunday’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles was much more entertaining than many expected. The Green Bay Packers’ offense seemed to click, both running backs looked great, and even Jordan Love got to show off his improved fundamentals and decision-making.

On the flip side, the Packers’ run defense and tackling continued its downward slide as the Eagles put on a rushing clinic the likes of which the franchise has not seen since 1948. That’s a long time ago, for those keeping track at home.

One thing’s for sure. Even when the Packers are having an elite season, they always seem susceptible to being on the wrong side of a football history-making performance.

All that and more await you on this week’s episode of the UnPack Podcast. There’s scotch, there’s poetry, and there’s even an old-timey newsreel. Get into it.

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