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UnPack Podcast: Can Brian Gutekunst pilot the Packers to a soft landing from Rodgers to Love?

Can the Green Bay Packers make it three franchise QB’s in a row?

The Green Bay Packers have finally — mercifully — reached the bye week. As the team looks for a break from routine and little rest, we’re also changing things up on this episode of the UnPack Podcast. With Nick out of the picture tending to a “client meeting” (very suspicious, if you ask us), our flannel-and-ballcap-wearing corporate overlord, Justis Mosqueda, joins the show. Since 80% of this week’s APC articles seem to be Justis bye-week deep dives of some form, we thought it’d be the perfect time to have him on.

Justis shares his thoughts on Christian Watson for OROY, the 2023 Packers roster outlook, and breaks down the most notable nuggets from Packers GM Brian Gutekunst’s recent press conference. Can Gute pilot the packers to a soft landing — a smooth transition from a future HOF quarterback to another they think is franchise-worthy? All that and more (sans poetry) on this week’s episode of the UnPack Podcast.

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